Perusahaan Jasa Export Import Indonesia

TPE_Ship_ContainersPerusahaan Jasa Export Import Indonesia – Tri Perkasa Express is a logistic company that cover any Import and Export services, warehousing, inter-island shipment, projects and documentation / licensing. We offer Import Export services through door to door, air and sea shipment. We also handle the documentation / licensing for Import Export activities and help to update the newest regulations that is needed to be complete. Warehousing is also one of our specialities. Projects in here include break bulk cargo for Import activities as well as inter-island shipment, which serves as one package with ship arrangement, PBM and complete customs.

Our staffs are coming from numerous selections with high criteria which create a fully dedicated, professional, transparent, efficient, and responsible teamwork. Building a long term relationship is our obligation. Therefore, customer satisfaction is everything to us. Entrust your company’s Import Export activities, projects, and logistic matters to us!

Jasa Export Import Indonesia

Air Cargo
Infinite Shipping by Air
Tri Perkasa Express dispatch goods through the limitless sky as a form of our dedication to fulfil your needs. This is the fastest route for overseas shipment especially to catch a delivery deadline.

Ocean Shipping
We can handle transportation via water
Tri Perkasa Express provides a wide range of import and export ocean transportation services all over the world, as well as inter-island shipment using Roro, LCT. TPE is very experienced and reliable.

Land Transportation
No Worries and Absolute Safe
Tri Perkasa Express serves light to heavy load shipment by road with guaranteed security and accurate estimated time. Supported by various vehicles, we are committed to deliver with fine or even rough terrain.

Door to Door
Deliver with Smile and Care
Tri Perkasa Express as a reliable logistics company with professionals is ready to deliver right from your place to the destination. We provide delivery service with the best and affordable cost in town.

Variety of Storage and Warehouse Management
Tri Perkasa Express with years of experience is the best choice where you need stowage with various package as needed. Feel free to consult with us, we will give you suitable space and capacity for your commodity.

Complete All Required Paperworks
Tri Perkasa Express is a logistics company that handle your conveyance, warehousing, until processing the delivery documents whether it is for overseas or domestic area. Don’t worry, we will complete the documents for you.

Tri Perkasa Express adalah Export Import Surabaya Indonesia yang sudah berpengalaman dan terpercaya. a logistics company that has been serving from many years with various clients around the world. Armed with experiences in both domestic and overseas deliveries, we are ready to help you professionally. Our concern about customer satisfaction encourages us to do the best at all time.

Perusahaan Export Import Indonesia 2018

Kami Sampaikan Perusahaan Export Import Indonesia 2018 secara lengkap dan aktual berikut alamat, fax dan no.telp dan jenis usaha, semoga bermanfaat bagi anda semua.

Mitra Lestari Sukma, PT.
Jl. Kramat Raya No. 23-F,Jakarta Pusat 10450,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 31935584
Telp.(021) 31935584
General export and import

Gabungan Import Export Bali, PT.
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 66-X,Denpasar 80239 Bali,Indonesia
Fax.(0361) 431016
Telp.(0361) 437993
General export and import; General trading

Mitsui Indonesia, PT.
Wisma Nusantara, 17th Floor,Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 59,Jakarta Pusat 10350,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 3100595, Fax.(021) 31930805
Telp.(021) 3917151, Telp.(021) 31930972
General exporter and importer

Nico Global Ltd.
Room 1811 Kwong Sang Hong Ctr.,151-153 Hoi Bun Road,Kwun Tong Kowloon,Indonesia
852 Telp.(852) 27931200
General export and import

Alfa Nusantara Perdana, PT.
Royal Sunter Complex Block F No. 16,Jl. Danau Sunter Selatan, Sunter Podomoro,Jakarta Utara 14350,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 65301227
Telp.(021) 6509934, Telp.(021) 6515785, Telp.(021) 65301229
General export – import; General merchant and trading

Krismalindo Primasakti, PT.
Jl. Jatinegara Timur IV-A No. 11 RT. 007/07,Jakarta Timur 13350,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 8199676
Telp.(021) 85900051, Telp.(021) 85900052, Telp.(021) 8194873
General export/import; Agro industry

Gerbang Wida Nusantara
Jl. Cianjur No. 4, Menteng,Jakarta Pusat 10310,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 3917341
Telp.(021) 31923528, Telp.(021) 3157884
Agribusiness; Consultant; General export-import

Jawa Indah Sejahtera, PT.
Wisma Gajah, Block AG No. 33,Jl. Dr. Sahardjo No. 111, Tebet,Jakarta Selatan 12810,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 8319819
Telp.(021) 8319818
General export and import

Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero), PT.
Wisma ITC, 2nd Floor,Jl. Abdul Muis No. 8,Jakarta Pusat 10160,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 3862143
Telp.(021) 3862141, Telp.(021) 3862142
General trading, export and import

Cipta Graha Cargo, PT.
Jl. RE. Martadinata No. 1-4 Block B-8,Jakarta Utara 14430,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 6908963
Telp.(021) 6908813
Freight forwarder; General export/import

Tri Indira Satya, PT.
Jl. Pangkalan Jati III No. 8,Jakarta Timur 13620,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 86603549
Telp.(021) 8602181, Telp.(021) 8631720
Document for export import service

Eka Sejahtera Mandiri
Jl. Yos Sudarso Block B-27, Sunter,Jakarta Utara 14320,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 43910208
Telp.(021) 43910280
General exporter and importer

Jaya Sakti Indotama, PT.
Menara Duta, 7th Floor,Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. B-9, Kuningan,Jakarta Selatan 12910,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 52901960, Fax.(021) 52901965
Telp.(021) 52901940, Telp.(021) 52901950
General exporter, importer, trading

Karya Sumber Daya, PT.
Jl. Peternakan II No. 26, Kapuk,Jakarta Barat 11720,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 6196516
Telp.(021) 6196516
General exporter, importer and trading

Husnul Jaya Lestari, PT.
Jl. Madya Kebantenan No. 41-A, Cilincing,Jakarta Utara 14130,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 4418546, Fax.(021) 44135456
Telp.(021) 4408029, Telp.(021) 4409079, Telp.(021) 4413455
General export and importer

Indopak Trading Co, PT.
Grand Boutique Centre Complex Block E No. 19,Jl. Mangga Dua Raya,Jakarta Utara 14430,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 6120227
Telp.(021) 6120228, Telp.(021) 6120229
General trading, exporter and importer

Pajasama Sejati, PT.
Jl. Mangga Dua I No. 83,Jakarta Barat 11110,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 6007223
Telp.(021) 6007223, Telp.(021) 6007228
General export, import and trading

Shantosa International, PT.
Menara Saidah, 7th Floor,Jl. Letjen. MT. Haryono Kav. 29-30,Jakarta Selatan 12770,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 79190580
Telp.(021) 79190578
General export, import and trading.

Trias Gardayama, PT.
Jl. Lumba – Lumba II No. 6,Jakarta Timur 13220,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 4706329
Telp.(021) 4892856, Telp.(021) 4701538
General export, import and trading

Yakin Hasil Transco, PT.
Jl. Kesehatan VIII No. 30,Jakarta Pusat 10160,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 3500628
Telp.(021) 3500608, Telp.(021) 3500702, Telp.(021) 3500715
Trucking service; General trading; General export and import

Dejemas Jaya Hutama, PT.
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam Raya No. 133,Jakarta Selatan 12820,Indonesia
DKI Jakarta
Fax.(021) 8353876, Fax.(021) 8308344
Telp.(021) 8303325
General Export/Import

Andi Mitra Jaya, PT.
Pusat Perbengkelan Bengkong,Jl. Yos Sudarso,Batam 29432 Riau,Indonesia
Fax.(0778) 451603
Telp.(0778) 453658
General trading; General export-import

Tri Perkasa Express adalah jasa Export Import indonesia yang sudah berpengalaman dan terpercaya. a logistics company that has been serving from many years with various clients around the world. Armed with experiences in both domestic and overseas deliveries, we are ready to help you professionally. Our concern about customer satisfaction encourages us to do the best at all time.